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Database Loader

Now you can load your well log data directly into your database. Oilware's database loader offers complete control over the QC/QA process with a flexible scheme for data validation. You determine the level of validation applied to your well log data.

Oilware's Database Loader provides an easily usable and configurable interface for loading DLIS, LIS, BIT, and ASCII log data files into a Digital Well Log Archival System (DWLAS). Important aspects of the EzTools software suite for database loading include:


User Interface
bullet Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP or Unix/Linux graphical user interface.
bullet Allows selection of files, frames, depth interval, curves, and constants to be loaded.
bullet Allows curves and constants to be renamed on loading.
bullet Allows changing of units of measure for curves so that once they are loaded, they will be in the proper units for processing.
bullet Allows modification of Well Heading information to add missing information or correct inaccurate information.
bullet Validation of data prior to loading.
bullet Validation is easily configurable to be as strict or open as necessary.
bullet Support for multiple data validation schemes.
bullet Configuration of basic validation schemes is included in the license fee.
Database Loading
bullet Each log data file or tape image is archived in its original format.
bullet Load DLIS, LIS, BIT, LAS, WellLogML, or a variety of ACSCII log data formats in their original formats.
bullet Flexible support for multi-volume archiving (such as CDs, DVDs, RAID Systems, etc.)
bullet Heading and curve information can be loaded into an existing proprietary database architecture, or into an industry standard model, such as PPDM.
bullet Basic configuration takes only a matter of weeks and is included in the license fee.
bullet EzTools Database Loader can be configured to load actual curve values along with the curve metadata into a relational database.
bullet Data retreival in user specified format (LIS, LAS, etc.) regardless of the the input or archival data format.
bullet Full support of complex array channel data such as that found in DLIS and LIS.
bullet Full support for "fast channel" LIS data and multiple sample rate frames found in DLIS.




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