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EzTape is used to copy tapes and tape image files. Any kind of tape may be copied, but special processing can be performed if the tape is a well log data tape or tape image In the LIS, DLIS or BIT format.

The input to EzTape may be a physical tape drive, or may be one of several tape image encapsulation formats. These include Atlas Tape Image Format (TIF), RMS record format, or LIS/DLIS stream format.

The output of EzTape may also be a physical tape drive, or one of the previously listed tape encapsulation formats. The output may also be specified to be a disk file having no record encapsulation.

Examples of EzTape usage include:

· Copy an 8mm tape to disk in a tape image format.
· Copy a tape image disk file to a DLT tape drive
· Copy a 9-track tape directly to a 4mm DAT tape
· Convert between all of the tape image disk file formats.

EzTape is available for Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows9*/NT/2000/XP, SGI Irix, IBM RS6000.

EzTape is also compatible with Oilware's NetTape Server for extending your tape copying capabilities across a local area network! For example, with NetTape Server installed on a Unix machine, you could copy tapes to your Windows PC directly from tape drives connected to the Unix server!


EzTools is a PPDM Certified Product.

TapeID*Pro has been updated and enhanced significantly.

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