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Log Indexing Agent (LIA)

Oilware's Log Indexing Agent (LIA) traverses your directory structure, scanning files, creating a complete index of your well log related data.
LIA features include:

bullet Automatically traversing large, complex directory structures processing all well log file formats.
bullet Maintaining a dynamic index of the changing landscape by tracking additions, deletions and modifications in your directories.
bullet Building an index right down to the curve level.

Three Solution Levels

bullet Basic Indexing
Oilware's Log Indexing Agent may be used to create an extensive, HTML index of your well log data as well as other files associated with a well.
bullet Intermediate
A Low-level, Access DB can be provided to query for wells and log data down to the curve level.
bullet Fully Integrated Solution
Results from the Log Indexing Agent can be loaded directly into your corporate well log database.



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