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  TapeID is Oilware's new tape or disk file identification program. TapeID quickly identifies the type of an unknown tape or disk file. Oilware has years of experience in processing well log data tapes and disk files. Over the years we have encountered hundreds of well log tapes that have been improperly or inaccurately labeled. In order to quickly identify tapes, we developed TapeID. Not only does TapeID identify the well log data formats (ie., DLIS, LIS, LAS, BIT, LBS, etc.), TapeID is very useful in determining other tape or file types including VMS backup, UNIX tar, SEG-Y, CPIO, and PK Zip just to name a few. TapeID is available for PC and a variety of UNIX platforms. Best of all, Oilware distributes TapeID absolutely FREE!

  New - Oilware is pleased to introduce TapeID*Pro the licensed version of the free TapeID program. To learn more, visit the TapeID*Pro page.


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